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Blackfriars 餐厅

地址: 修道士街, 内卡斯尔 泰恩和威尔 NE1 4X
Image of 中世纪黑衣修士历史之旅(含午餐).

Come and enjoy a tasting of some of the world’s best cans together with some home-made bread to help soak it all up.

No beer-loving aficionado could have escaped the fact today’s craft brewers prefer to stick their new creations in cans to provide the perfect hermitical seal - and complete darkness to ensure the beer remains in tip-top condition.

The beer remains fresher, cans are more environmentally-friendly and also look cool! Now fill them with an alcoholic brew pumped full of New World bittering hops and you’ve got the perfect beverage to satisfy all but the thirstiest beer lover!