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Bamburgh and Lindisfarne

Provided by: Iles Tours
Address: Earl Grey's Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear NE1 5AF, UNITED KINGDOM
Image of Bamburgh and Lindisfarne.

The capital of Northumbria and the cradle of Christianity!
(Ages 18+):
Duration 8 Hours

Since pre-history Bamburgh and Lindisfarne have had human settlements. As a fortress of the Kingdom of Northumbria Bamburgh was the centre of the largest Kingdom in England during the 7th and 8th centuries. In the middle ages, the Castle developed as an important fortress against Scottish attack - eventually developing into the impressive fortification you see today. Lindisfarne is famous for both the Lindisfarne Gospels and being one of the first locations in the United Kingdom to be attacked by the Vikings. It is called the cradle of English Christianity due to the importance of the monastery in the dark ages. Due to the tides, the tour may go to Lindisfarne at different times to enable safe crossing and return to the mainland. The Village of Bamburgh will also be included in the tour with St. Aiden’s Church and its Ossuary both being sights to visit. What to bring All-weather clothing will be required and walking shoes. There will be a lunch break for food and drinks for you on the tour but please bring any other food you may require. We suggest a camera to capture images on the tour. Included? This tour is a whole day tour Entry to Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne Priory is included. We offer the option of Collection (starting at 9 am) Lunch is included for this tour